Precision Soil Mapping

Dawson Ag Consulting uses a Veris 3100 EC machine to map the different soils across your paddock.

The Veris Machine works on electrical conductivity and enables us to collect powerful data about your soil structure to make some equally powerful decisions.

The EC takes the guess work out of what is actually underground and reaches further than what you can see from the tractor.

By using this innovative machine you can save money in the long run. You don’t have to soil sample each hectare or square metre of the paddock anymore as you do with traditional methods, the EM machine can help divide your paddock into precise management zones in one pass.

Management Zones are defined by soil structure and nutrient availability. This information is used to make precise decisions about inputs and enables effective use of variable rate technology.

We can then go and take samples from each of these management zones and have a good depth of data for each area.

The use of this machine in your enterprise is a powerful addition to your suite of management tools.

More information can be found about the Veris 3100 here.

Precision Soil Sampling

Dawson Ag can provide in depth precision Soil Sampling in the Dawson Valley to determine the structure of your soil and the available nutrients.

We use the Albrecht system of nutrient balancing. The Albrecht concept is very simple in its basic logic.

Tests were initially done on soils that consistently grew the highest quality crop yields and it was found that these soils all had a similar chemistry with Calcium levels being between 60-70%* and Magnesium 10-15%*. Very definite levels were also established for N, P, K, S and the trace elements. Over seventy percent of agricultural crops and high production pastures grow best within this range of soil chemistry.

It has been proven, again and again, that a balanced approach to soil chemistry is the key to successful plant growth and that when this occurs soil pH, aeration, drainage, structure and beneficial soil biology also improve. Thus, if we can balance our soil chemistry including the trace elements, improved productivity and plant health will be a natural outcome.

Our precision Soil Sampling in the Dawson Valley enables the grower to optimise his fertiliser requirements, making crops grow more efficiently and with a minimum of inputs.

For more information about our precision soil mapping and sampling in the Dawson Valley area or the equipment we use, please give us a call or send an enquiry through the website.

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